We are less than two months away from our fifth Attractions Africa conference, to be held at the Gold Reef City theme park hotel on 6 and 7 June 2018!

To celebrate this incredible milestone, we asked our project team members to share five trends that have emerged in the attractions management industry since our conference began five years ago.

Sabine Lehmann, CURIOSITAS consultant and Attractions Africa Executive Director says:

Dynamic Pricing:

Five years ago, dynamic pricing at attractions was unheard of – now it is becoming more mainstream as capacity management at attractions becomes an issue.

Experience Economy:

An emerging concept 5 years ago, there is an ever increasing shift in emphasis from owning and investing in possessions to having and investing in experiences.

Middle class consumers have a greater willingness to invest time and money in experiences and attractions are well placed to leverage off this megatrend.

Mpume Mthembu, marketing executive for Ushaka Marine World says:

Bigger Thrills:

Thrill-seeking type of entertainment has moved from big/good to bigger/better!

Virtual Reality:

A move towards more Virtual Reality experiences has become with more and more attractions incorporating it into their offerings.

Alichia Nortje, Guest Experience Manager for Two Oceans Aquarium says:

Smart management:

Attending Attractions Africa I am always reminded that we (as Attractions) have to continually work harder and smarter to capture our visitors. We have to carefully construct and design every aspect of our business, from ticket pricing and booking procedures to directional signage and everything in-between. We have to keep up with trends in an industry that change annually and often globally to offer unique and personalised experiences.

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