Dear AAVEA Members,

I am thrilled to share with you the inspiring moments from our participation in the World Travel Market Africa, held this April 10-12 in Cape Town. This business-to-business (B2B) event was a crucial platform for advancing our mission and advocating for the sustainable growth of tourism across our beloved continent, and on a lighter note, it was a great opportunity to meet some of you, our members and valued partners in person.

Forging Ahead with Pan-African Collaboration

I had the privilege of participating in a vital panel discussion titled “Forging a Pan-African Tourism Private Sector Alliance for Sustainable Accelerated Growth & Development.” It was an opportunity to underscore AAVEA’s role as Africa’s leading voice in the attractions industry and to stress the importance of collaborative efforts to overcome the challenges of intra-African travel.

Advocating for Intra-African Tourism

During the discussion, I shared our vision and new strategic initiatives ready to champion, aimed at fostering a thriving tourism sector across Africa. Through our membership in the African Tourism Private Sector Alliance (ATPSA), which is an AfCFTA-endorsed apex tourism body  to promoting collaboration and sharing best practices, we are committed to working in partnership with tourism authorities and ministries on the continent to support the development of research to quantify the economic impact of tourism on local communities. This data can be used to advocate for policy changes that support tourism development, such as investment in infrastructure and skills training.

I championed intra-continental joint marketing initiatives, which not only showcase the diverse tourism products of Africa but also serve as a catalyst for economic growth. With the support of the Africa Tourism Private Sector Alliance (ATPSA), which is endorsed by the AfCFTA, we will support ATPSA to advocate for policies that facilitate easier intra-African travel, such as visa reforms and infrastructure development. These measures are essential for unlocking significant economic opportunities across the continent.

Add your voice and be part of the AAVEA community

This is a transformative time for tourism in Africa, and your involvement is more crucial than ever. I invite each of you to join us as we work alongside ATPSA and other stakeholders to build a sustainable and prosperous future. As key players in the tourism sector, the time to act is now. If you haven’t, join or renew your AAVEA membership here, and let us together help showcase the rich tapestry of Africa’s culture and heritage to the world.