We were thrilled to bring the power of AAVEA to the Provincial Tourism Careers Expo in the Free State on Friday 4 August 2023!

AAVEA’s President Mpume Mabuza addresses the crowd at the 2023 Provincial Tourism Careers Expo in the Free State!

Our AAVEA President Mpume Mabuza, board member Sibusiso Dlamini and assistant Hlolohelo Zwane were present to meet over 200 students and guests, share insights and share advice with aspiring attractions professionals on how to join our industry.

Over 200 students met with our AAVEA team and learned so much about the attractions industry in South Africa.

Mabuza has shared why it was so important for AAVEA to participate in the Careers Expo:

  1. Broadening AAVEA’s reach: Our aim was to showcase AAVEA’s new strategic direction  through participation in this instrumental/calendar tourism event in the Free State. Broadening AAVEA’s footprint within previously untapped regions of RSA and Africa is critical in the organization’s new era.
  2. Partnership opportunities: The opportunity for a partnership with tourism departments of tertiary institutions like The Central University of Technology in Bloemfontein to support young talent and invest in a better future for the attractions industry was an ideal one. This fulfils one of our objectives i.e. the professionalisation of the visitor attractions industry, which contributes to the growth and development of the industry on the African continent.
  3. Being seen by the attractions industry: The chance to enhance the awareness and showcase the benefits of AAVEA to small and big attractions alike (so that all feel that AAVEA is their home) was much appreciated.
  4. Exposure to local authorities: It was critical for AAVEA to attend the Career Expo so that we could increase awareness about the importance of the visitor attractions sector to local authorities in this province.

Thank you to our partners in tourism and education for this phenomenal opportunity!

Our AAVEA team enjoyed sharing insights, inspiration and more with everyone at the 2023 Career Expo!