Liam R. Findlay 

Liam Findlay is a Themed Scent Consultant for AromaPrime, providing attractions with every smell from “Pirate Ship” to “Penguin Sick”! Past projects include an authentic T-rex scent for the British Museum, celebrity fragrances for Madame Tussauds, horrific stenches for Halloween scare mazes, luxury signature scents for leading hotels, and even concocting delicious food smells to entice customers into a chain of Hong Kong supermarkets.

Liam advises attractions on how to effectively use scent to enhance the guest experience. With his experience as a freelance attraction designer, Liam has a first-hand understanding of clients’ needs when it comes to immersing and educating guests. In addition to guiding clients as to which aromas would best support their attractions’ storytelling, Liam has a thorough understanding of using scent in different ways and in different environments.

James has achieved sustained commercial growth and customer value across a range of membership, fundraising, marketing, and public programme activity. He is currently the Head of Commercial Services at the National Gallery in London.

Liam Findlay | AromaPrime
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