April 2022 was a busy month for our AAVEA board and team as we launched our regional chapter meetings! The first one, hosted by our esteemed member Waterberg Tourism and the Waterberg Development Initiative, was held on Thursday 7 April 2022.

AAVEA’s executive director Sabine Lehmann visits the BelaBela Warm Baths on her recent visit to present SA’s first-ever benchmark survey to the region.

Our executive director Sabine Lehmann presented the first-ever South African attractions industry benchmark survey results to 40 eager delegates. The afternoon’s activities included the presentation, dinner and a tour of the incredible Waterberg Living Museum, followed by a wonderful stargazing session with astronomer Phil Calcott.

A private stargazing show with astronomer Phil Calcott was one of the highlights of the Waterberg Tourism meet-up

Compliments from our delegates included:

“Thanks so much Sabine for the terrific presentation you gave yesterday!!  We all benefitted from your advice and experiences shared”.

“I just wanted to thank you again for a thoroughly interesting and professional talk this afternoon about so many valuable, but little-mentioned aspects of planning a tourism project. Nonetheless, what you told us this afternoon was invaluable, and I’ll undoubtedly be regurgitating some of your pearls ad nauseam!Thanks for taking the trouble to come and visit this special part of the country; I hope you’ll find a reason to return”.

Sabine, passionate as always about the local attractions on offer, took the opportunity to explore the BelaBela warm baths. Of her stargazing experience, she says: “The stars were bright and clear and to be lying down listen to astronomer Phil Calcott speak with the sound of hyenas and lions calling was incredible!”

A hearty thank you to Syd Catton and his team for hosting the first AAVEA 2022!

A huge THANK YOU to Dr Syd Catton and his Waterberg Tourism team for hosting an incredible first AAVEA 2022 regional chapter meetup! We look forward to returning soon.

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