We are thrilled to introduce our new AAVEA board member Rebs Mogoba of the soon-to-be-opened observation wheel attraction, the Durban Eye!

We sat down virtually with the impressive Rebs to chat about her new role with us and her upcoming site:

Congratulations on your appointment to the AAVEA board! What are you most looking forward to doing and achieving in your new position? 

Rebs: Thank you. I am looking forward to making a positive contribution to the visitor experience and attractions industry and representing the warm city of Durban. I am also looking forward to contributing to the re-imagining of the attractions industry within the tourism sector post-Covid ,particularly in Africa as we need to invest more in our local and regional tourists.

What inspired you to want to work with the AAVEA board and organisational team? 

Rebs: As  a new member of AAVEA in 2021 representing the Durban Eye, I attended the first virtual conference in August and I learnt so much more about the attractions industry ,both locally and internationally. I am inspired to share knowledge and best practices with others especially in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal where I live. Also I noticed that a lot of the board members and the attractions they represent are more Cape Town focused so I am thrilled to shine a spotlight on the Zulu Kingdom.

The concept of attractions and attractions management is quite new to South Africa. When did you realise your site was an attraction and how did that impact your operations? 

Rebs: As we will be launching the Durban Eye at the end of 2022 / beginning 2023, we have been in a unique position to be exposed to best practices of the Ferris wheel ,especially internationally so we are already positioning out site as an attraction.