Bernadine Galliver | BDO South Africa

The demands of Gen Z: the trends and insights you need to know to attract this market

What does it take to appeal to Gen Z? Zoomers as some are calling them succeed Millennials and were born between 1997 and 2012. With the oldest now approaching their mid-20s ,this generation is a new market to attract in its own right. Bernadine Galliver leads the BDO tourism specialist unit in KwaZulu-Natal. She is a pro at market research and will be sharing her insights into key trends in Gen Z visitation behaviour, whether Gen Z is really different in what they expect from their visitor attraction experience, and how best to communicate with them. 



Bernard Donoghue | ALVA, UK’s Association for Leading Visitor Attractions 

No longer at home: why attractions are the new social spaces

Bernard Donoghue is the executive director of ALVA, the Association of Leading Visitor Attractions in the UK, and was the highest-rated speaker at our AAVEA Virtual Conference in 2020. So we are thrilled that Bernard will be joining us again this year to talk with us about how attractions are becoming important social spaces in our COVID and post-COVID worlds, and how we can take advantage of the opportunities this creates.  



Chao Tayiana Maina | African Digital Heritage

African heritage futures: sustainable pathways to enhancing the audience experience through digital technology

Chao Tayiana Maina is the founder of African Digital Heritage and a Kenyan digital heritage specialist and digital humanities scholar working at the intersection of culture and technology. At this year’s conference she will present an exploration of digital initiatives within African heritage, how to build sustainable digital solutions within a heritage practice, how to use your online reach to draw in new adventures, and how to create links between online visits and physical visits. 



Ella Baskerville | Blooloop

The future of attractions: benefits that came out of the pandemic

Ella Baskerville is the Business Development Manager at Blooloop, the most read news resource for attractions professionals. She is also a professional optimist, and her session will explore the benefits to come from the pandemic and their future impact. Throughout the pandemic, attractions had to pivot very quickly to keep engaging with guests and often had many months of closure before they could re-open to the public. We saw a wave of innovation and technology, changes of strategy and operations, creative content, and thoughtful ways of engaging guests.  



Jakob Wahl | IAAPA, The Global Association for the Attractions Industry

The state of the attractions industry post-pandemic: the IAAPA perspective on the EMEA region

Jakob Wahl is the executive director and vice president, Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA) Operations at IAAPA.
At last year’s conference he covered the first six months of the pandemic and its consequences for the industry and IAAPA, as well as the reactions and activities. One and a half years into this unprecedented situation, the industry has evolved. What is going to stay, what is going to disappear again? Join Jakob for a brief overview of the status of the global attractions industry and what IAAPA believes will follow the pandemic.



James Beardsworth-Shaw | The National Gallery

Engaging members at the National Gallery, London

James Beardsworth-Shaw is the Head of Commercial Services at the National Gallery in London. His case study will include tips to grow revenue from a highly engaged membership base, examples of engagement strategies (from life cycle communications to exclusive programming to acquisition/retention campaigns), critical considerations for setting up a membership scheme, and how to maintain a relevant membership proposition for digital audiences, physical visitors, and existing customers. 



Liam R. Findlay | AromaPrime

How to boost profits with multisensory tricks

Liam Findlay is a Themed Scent Consultant for AromaPrime, makers of scents that immerse and educate guests and support attractions’ storytelling. In his talk, Liam will share evidence of how scenting benefits enjoyment and profitability, share how you can add scent to your attraction, and explore new innovations that can take your attraction to the next level. 



Loren Pavitt | Cape Nature

Loren Pavitt is an experienced Marketing and Communications specialist. A Cape Peninsula University of Technology Public Relations and Journalism graduate. At CapeNature she is responsible and accountable for strategic planning, management and implementation of all tourism activities and functions within the Marketing, Revenue Generation, Customer Service and Brand of CapeNature.

Loren Pavitt
 | CapeNature

Domestic tourism and how it saved the day (or not) during COVID-19
A panel discussion hosted by Mashoto Mokgethi | South African Tourism



Mashoto Mokgethi | South African Tourism

Mashoto Mokgethi is the Head of Domestic Tourism for South African Tourism. Her current position includes developing trade and consumer strategies to grow the culture of travel amongst South Africans – an important contributor to the country’s social and economic growth.  She is in charge of the popular Sho’t Left campaign, which encourages South Africans to travel their country by reminding them that “It’s Your Country, Enjoy It”. She has qualifications in both Statistics and Marketing, and a 13-year experience in the tourism industry.

A panel discussion hosted by Mashoto Mokgethi | South African Tourism

Domestic tourism and how it saved the day (or not) during COVID-19 



Sabine Lehmann | AAVEA and Curiositas

Understanding the attractions landscape: results from AAVEA’s first ever Benchmark Survey

Sabine Lehmann is the founder and executive director of AAVEA. At this year’s conference she will be presenting the results of AAVEA’s first, and therefore Africa’s first, Benchmark Survey of Attractions. The goal of this survey is to create South Africa-specific data points that can be used to build local attraction business models, provide benchmarks by which attractions can track and improve their own performance and financial sustainability, and ultimately raise awareness of the role attractions play in the tourism economy.



Stephanie Schaub | Chocoversum, The Chocolate Museum

Creating customer value through variable pricing: a case study

Stephanie Schaub is the CEO of Hamburg’s chocolate museum Chocoversum. Of course Stephi loves chocolate, but what she loves most about her job is organising the perfect guest experience. In her opinion, variable pricing is a key element of customer service and not just a tool for higher revenue.  

Stephanie will discuss the reasoning behind instituting the variable pricing system in 2018 and share steps for implementing a similar system at your attraction. Her goal is to get the audience fired up about a service-oriented pricing system!



Tiffany Andrews | Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa

Embracing digital: what we’ve learned in moving our offering online, the good, the bad, and the ugly 

Tiffany Andrews is the event manager at the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa (Zeitz MOCAA). The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged us all to re-think how we engage with audiences and for Zeitz MOCAA this was particularly challenging as their offering is deeply rooted in the physical space and requires a certain level of personal interaction – or so they thought! Tiffany will be sharing her insights into how they got started with digital, the bumps they encountered along the way, and where they find themselves today, navigating an intimidating world of digital.