Keith Burton of African Agenda, the conference event organizer of the former Attractions Africa, now AAVEA conference ,and now the AAVEA association secretariat, chats to us about the launch of the association and the new look:

With African Agenda being the long-time event organisers of the conference, and now the administrative force of the first attractions association of its kind in Africa, what are you most excited about with this new initiative and your ongoing journey in the attractions industry?

We are excited to contribute to the consolidation and professionalisation of the attractions sector. We think that the association will become a very valuable resource for its members, and it will raise the profile of attractions within the broader tourism industry, allowing visitor experiences and attractions to “take their seat at the table” so to speak. As conference organisers, we’ve seen our own sector of the tourism industry, business tourism, grow through the professionalisation of organisers and suppliers, so we are indeed excited to help usher attractions to the next level.

Please tell us more about what inspired the look and feel of the new website, the AAVEA logo, and how this will affect the conference branding?

We love working with the AAVEA brand. It is bright and cheerful and conveys with the attractions sector is all about. With a new name for the association and its annual conference that didn’t include “”Attractions Africa”, we wanted the look and feel and logo to remain as true to the original Attractions Africa brand as possible. The AAVEA Board thought it important that the connection between Attractions Africa and AAVEA was instantly recognisable so AAVEA didn’t feel like too much of a change from Attractions Africa.

Talk to us about AAVEA:

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