As we head into peak season at our attractions, with local and international families, groups and more set to descend on our sites, it is important to remember that it is all about the visitor experience.

Here are some top tips for managing the chaos of peak season at your #Attractions18:

  • Keep your cool: Understand that peak season is the busiest time for everyone – your staff, your suppliers and your visitors. Frustration levels will be high and it is vitally important that you manage these in a cool and calm manner. Take breaks when you need to and
  • Take care of your staff: Your employees will get tired and they‘ll also be trying to manage the fact that they are not off when everyone else is. You can alleviate their stress and complaints by implementing simple things like ensuring they are hydrated and well fed and have a cool place to rest; that staff working unexpected double shifts have a meal and are given sufficient break times.
  • Be prepared: Any planning and preparation should have been done before the start of the season. If planning or preparation has not been completed and a situation arises, try to manage it and implement bigger solutions post-season.
  • Be visible: Senior managers should be present for staff and visitors at all times. Peak season is the most important 20 days of our budget cycle so ensure you are on site to see what works and what does not
  • Be responsive: Have senior management on site and social media managers on standby for visitor queries and complaints immediately. The faster a minor crisis is managed, the less chance of it growing into something unmanageable.
  • Check your crisis comms plan: Have the social media crisis plan on hand and check that all emergency numbers are up to date.
  • Save new ideas for post-season: Do not be tempted to try something new mid-season – it may have unintended consequences that your team has not been prepped for.
  • Do your research: Use this season to gather information about what works and what does not for post-season analysis and future changes at your attraction.
  • Contribute to our Staggered School Holidays conversation: We have all been feeling the brunt of public schools sharing the same holidays across South Africa with lengthy queues and disgruntled visitors. Imagine if school holidays were staggered! Queue management and the visitor experience at your attraction would benefit greatly from this. We are hoping to open a dialogue with the Department of Education about reverting to staggered holidays and would love your input. Please share your thoughts with us and your fans and followers on Twitter and Facebook and remember to use the hashtag #StaggeredSASchoolHolidays.