Grant Newton, Sales & Marketing Manager, Groot Constantia shares what he will be speaking on at Attractions Africa 2017

Groot Constantia

From Farm To Attraction: Changing The Visitor Journey (Attractons Africa 2017 presentation)

In order to give context I think people need to first understand what Groot Constantia is to South Africa. It is not another wine farm offering tastings and tours of its cellar to “Vaalies” towing Venter trailers to the coast for Christmas … it is in fact part of our history and heritage. It is the origin of wine farming and, dare I say, wine tourism in South Africa.

This FARM is no ordinary farm!

Groot Constantia is a monument for the wine industry world-wide, and has been making wine since before the establishment of the Medoc in France and is the source of the first plantings in Australia’s Margaret river valley. We have made wine for King Louis Phillippe of France, Frederick the great of Prussia, the duke of Northumberland, Kings, Queens and Noblemen the world over, since 1685, including Napoleon Bonaparte who’s exile to St Helena was eased by the arrival of his favourite “Grand Constance”.

Today this “Farm” is owned and run, by the Groot Constantia Trust, as a non-profit company and its mandate, in its simplest form, is to promote wine culture and preserve the history and heritage of this 332 year old “dame” of the wine industry, for future generations of South African’s, by preserving it as a living museum through the promotion of tourism and the use of sustainable farming methods.

Every day is a journey of discovery and keeping things exciting, fresh and new, without compromising its natural beauty or the historical significance of the estate is a challenge in itself.

At Attractions Africa 2017 I will try to unpack what we have done in the last 5 years that has resulted in a year-on-year increase in visitor numbers, record turnovers and rave reviews.