The Attractions Africa Conference is the only conference for attractions professionals in South Africa.

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Who are South Africa’s attractions professionals?

All of us whose business is attracting, retaining and satisfying visitors – we are all attractions. Aquaria, zoos, family entertainment centres, heritage and cultural attractions, museums and science centres, natural attractions, nature and game reserves, public gardens/parks and recreation facilities, theme parks and water parks, wine farms, craft breweries, markets and other food and drink attractions – we all attend the conference.

We are crucial contributors to South Africa’s tourism sector. As we know, visitors choose a destination based on the attractions there, and choose a hotel or a rental car next. So the better the experience they have at an attraction, the more they’ll talk about it, the more they’ll encourage others to go, the more often they’ll return, and ultimately the bigger the economic impact.

This is such a necessary conference.

Attractions professionals all over the world meet to discuss challenges and share best practice, but no similar network existed in Africa until the first Attractions Africa conference in 2014. Our founder Sabine Lehmann and a small project team have been rallying attractions professionals from across South Africa – even those who didn’t think they were attractions professionals – to focus on defining, improving and growing the industry. We are now completely dedicated to advancing the visitor attractions industry in Africa and the conference is an annual opportunity for attractions professionals at every level to participate, learn and network.

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Why does this conference need attractions as sponsors? And what can an attraction do to support and grow the industry?

Self-identifying as an attraction means we recognise our common interests and challenges, and when a critical mass of professionals gathers together under the attractions umbrella we can make strides. We can start to influence decision making at the Department of Tourism level, we can influence funding decisions at the NRF and IDC level, we can influence city zoning decisions, and we can work together to position South Africa’s visitor attractions industry as world class.

Attractions Africa 2017 will be hosted in Tshwane from 7 to 8 June at the National Zoological Gardens of South Africa. We would welcome your support as a partner, and hope that you’ll review the sponsorship prospectus. Renee, who handles all sponosrship, would also welcome the opportunity to sit with you to put together a proposal that aligns perfectly with your marketing goals, so that you get maximum return on your investment.

Please take a look at the 2016 conference video (it’s just three minutes) and some of the other testimonials. They really speak to the calibre and quality of the conference, and it’s worth to attractions professionals:

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Renee Lukin